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Jun 13, 2024

SMP+ General Guide

An overhead view of /spawn.

Welcome to the SMP+ gamemode!

Hello, and welcome to SMP+! There are many features on this SMP+, and as a result you will run into a lot of stuff that you don’t know how to use, especially right after joining for the first time. This SMP+ Guide has been created to give you, the player, a surface-level introduction to the majority of these features, and help you learn about all the cool things you can do on this server.

Server Rules

The first thing we’ll cover in this guide is the most important of any multiplayer server: rules. The rules of our server are relatively straightforward and should be common sense, but it helps to clarify them regardless.


You are responsible for your account and any actions that are taken on it. If a rule is broken on your account, you will have to accept any consequences that may occur. Do not let people use your account if you cannot trust them to follow the rules of the server.

  1. Be Good To Each Other
    This is the foundational ideology of this community. If you are unable to be kind to other people, you will be removed.

  2. No Hacking
    The use of hacks and hacked clients on this server is not tolerated, and you will be banned for it. This includes xray texture packs and any other type of hacking the game.

  3. No Griefing Or Stealing
    If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it.

  4. Keep it PG / Family Friendly
    This is a family friendly server, so anything that is considered to be crude or not PG will result in a warning or ban, depending on how severe it is.

  5. Usage of Alt Accounts is Forbidden
    The usage of alt accounts on this server are not allowed.

  6. Usage of applications which provide a competitive advantage is prohibited
    This includes things such as xray texture packs, hacked clients, and anything else that would allow one person to have an advantage over another.

  7. Don’t make us create more rules!
    If something is not specifically mentioned in the rules, that doesn’t mean it is allowable on the SMP. Please think before you act, and enjoy your time on the server. Thank you.

Reporting Issues

If you ever come across a bug, glitch, or other issue of any sort, please report it to us! You can do so on the Legundo Discord Server in #support-desk by creating a ticket.

Creating a Ticket

Once you are in #support-desk, you will see a few options for different types of tickets. Ones that are more relevant to the SMP are the Griefing or Bug support tickets, although you can also open a General ticket.

When you go to open a Griefing or Bug support ticket, make sure to fill out the relevant information to help ensure that our mod team will be able to handle your tickets as quickly as possible. The more information you can provide, the better.

If there is ever a moment where you think another person may have opened a ticket for the same issue, feel free to open another one anyways. If it is in fact a duplicate, we will just close the extra ticket, if an issue never gets reported because everyone thinks someone else did, then the issues persist and remain unfixed.

With that said, thank you for reporting any issues you come across! We want to make sure everyone has a fun time on the SMP, and by reporting problems the community helps make that a reality!

Joining The Server

In terms of joining the server, there are different things you will need to do depending on what version of minecraft you are using and what you are running it on. (sorry there is currently no support for Minecraft Smart Fridge edition)

Java Edition

Click on Multiplayer, Add Server, and insert the following information:

  • Server Name: Anything You Want
  • Server Address: leg.gg

Bedrock Edition

Keep in mind it is highly recommended to use Java Edition, as Bedrock is not fully supported!

Click on Play, click Servers, and scroll down and click Add Server. Insert the following information:

  • Server Name: Anything You Want
  • Server Address: leg.gg
  • Server Port: 19132 

Bedrock Edition: Mobile and Windows

The mobile and Windows versions of Bedrock do not require any tweaks to access the server! Simply use the information above when adding a server.

Bedrock Edition: Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox

In order to add a custom server on console edition, you MUST add a custom DNS server. 

BisectHosting, a minecraft server hosting service we have used before, has a great tutorial on how to do this and can be found here.

Once complete, use the information about Bedrock edition mentioned above.

Bedrock And Java Account Linking

If you plan to use both Java and Bedrock, it is recommended that you link your accounts. Using them separately without linking would be considered a breach of rule 5.

In order to link, you will need to know your login to both your Bedrock and Java accounts. You do NOT need to login to the server to complete this.

Follow the prompts on this website by opting for Global Linking and Online Linking.

Places To Go In The World

There is a lot to explore on the SMP. From the unique custom terrain of the overworld to community builds and much more. With Season 5 of the SMP being open for the majority of a year, there is a lot that has been built up to enhance everyone’s experience on the server.


At spawn there is a lot to look at and interact with. To get to spawn you can use the /spawn command. Upon teleporting there or logging in for the first time, you will be at the main square of spawn, which has several NPCs to interact with, each of which has very useful information, so go check those out. Surrounding this area are several buildings, most of which are cosmetic and were built by many players during the opening event of Season 5.

To the South of central spawn is the Community Center, where there are a bunch of places you can buy and sell stuff to. There’s the Dragon Scale Guild, The Blacksmith, Lucid’s Library, The Laboratory, The Digsite, ShadyCats, and EC-art, which has recently been sold off to a couple community members to manage it. The Casino is also near the Community Center.

Heading the opposite direction, there are the remains of EEmporium to the Northwest and the Fishing Pond to the Northeast, as well as a nether portal to get to head straight into the nether directly North of Spawn.

That’s about it for spawn, go ahead and explore it and see what you can discover about it!

Info About The World

The border of each dimension on the main world has a 10k block radius, meaning the world size is roughly 20k x 20k. This provides a decent amount of space for players to explore and build in, and is much more lag and memory storage friendly than a world that is much larger. To explore this area more easily we have implemented the use of the ‘/rtp’ and ‘/wild’ commands, which teleport you to a random position in the world.

While it is nicer to have a world that is more compact and keeps people close together, the finite size of a world with a smaller border does cause certain resources to become very limited. To mitigate this issue we have also added Resource Worlds. These worlds reset weekly and have a 5k radius border (10k x 10k world size), and exist for the sole purpose of providing a way to get scarce resources for the SMP. They also help to reduce damage to the SMP environment so its natural look is not entirely ruined.


There are several warps to main areas of the world that you can use to get around easily.

These include:

  • Biome Warps: Each takes you to a warp located in the biome it’s named after
    • Arctic
    • Forest
    • Valley
    • Volcano
  • casino - Takes you to the casino.
  • EEmporium - Warp to EEmporium, the large store at spawn (now abandoned, with some shady activity around it).
  • fightclub - We don’t talk about Fight Club.
  • Fishing - The Fishing area at spawn.
  • mall - Takes you to the mall area.

You can also teleport to a number of pwarps (player warps) that other people have created using “/pwarp [warp name]”, as well as lands people have made if they are public or if you have been trusted to them. More on those in the next section.

Establishing A Base

After exploring the world for a little while, you’ll likely find a place where you want to initially settle down and make a starter base (maybe even a long term one!). When you eventually do run into this situation, there are a few different ways to set up your base. Namely, there are camps, pwarps (player warps), and lands.


Upon joining the server for the first time, you will receive a Camp in your inventory. This Camp is a one-time use, and essentially creates a temporary land (same as Lands, more details on those below) to protect your starter area.

You use the Camp by placing it on the ground, and doing so creates a 3x3 chunk claim centered on where it was placed, protecting that area from other players. You can teleport back to your camp using “/lands spawn [name of camp].” The Camp lasts 3 days before it expires, and upon expiration you will have to use one of the other two methods to further set up your base.


Pwarps is a feature that allows you to set a teleport point to wherever you want. This is useful for things like getting to your base, creating a warp to tp to your shop, and much more!

Pwarps cost 500 crowns to make, which is done using “/pw set [warp name],” and are public by default, meaning they are accessible to anyone who joins the server. The caveat with Pwarps is that they are only a teleport point, and provide no protection whatsoever to your base. It is also publicly announced when people teleport to pwarps, stating who teleported to it and the name of the warp. So just be wary of that if you want some more privacy when it comes to your builds.


Lands are a permanent claim that cost 5000 crowns to create. While these cost more crowns to make, they are much more versatile than pwarps. Lands prevent outsiders from messing with your stuff, give you access to many useful features, and also allow you to teleport to them using “/lands spawn [land name].”

There are many other details about lands that are helpful and can be found at the lands article.

One last thing to note before moving on:

Please be mindful of the proximity of your bases to other people’s builds, try to give each other space to prevent quarreling, and communicate with each other to set boundaries if needed.

The Economy

Next up, the economy. Our SMP economy functions on a currency named crowns. There are a ton of features built into it, some more complex than others. 

Means of Income

There are many means of getting crowns on the server, some are quicker than others, and some make you more money than others, but ultimately it is up to the player to decide which ones they want to tap into.

Main means of income include:

  • Daily Rewards - Daily Rewards are rewards that you can redeem every day on the server, which scale for every consecutive day you redeem them. If you keep up your streak, the rewards and crown payments keep getting higher and higher! You can redeem Daily Rewards through the use of ‘/daily’ or the Daily Rewards NPC at spawn.

  • Daily Bundles - Every day you are given a random bundle to complete by George, the NPC at the Dragon Scale Guild, which is located in the community center at spawn. You can learn more about that here.

  • Night Market - The night market is a more secretive way of getting crowns on the server, but can also be quite profitable. There is more info about how that works and where to find it here.

  • Fishing - You can make money by participating in the Custom Fishing that you can do at spawn, more on that here.

  • The Casino - Self-explanatory. If you somehow manage to profit off of this, hats off to you! Located at “/warp Casino”.

  • Owning a Shop - You can rent a shop space at the Mall and sell stuff to other players to make money. You can get to the mall using “/warp Mall”

  • Welfare - There is a welfare system on the SMP! Basically, you earn crowns for being active on the server–meaning you can’t be AFK–, which you can claim at the Bank in the parking lot outside the Mall. 

  • Crime?

NPC Vendors

On the SMP+ server there are several NPCs that you can interact with that have features related to the economy.

Here are a handful of them in their shops:

The NPCs on the server include:

  • George - Located at the Dragon Scale Guild, gives you Daily Bundles to complete.

  • The Night Market - Buys 3 random blocks or items, refreshes the trades every 3 days. Located in the Night Market.

  • The Book Market - Sells 3 random Custom Enchantment books. Located in the Night Market.

  • All the Fishing related NPCs - Everything that pertains to fishing, learn more about them in the Fishing Article

  • Blacksmith - The NPC at the Blacksmith, reforges your tools for a price.

  • The Tavern NPCs - You can buy enhanced potions from them, it takes a certain amount of time for them to brew though.

  • Herbert - Located in the upper floor of the Laboratory, sells you spawn eggs and spawners of many mobs.

  • Shady Cats - NPC in Shady Cats, you can buy custom heads from them.

  • Dig Site NPCS - The entrance area has an NPC that sells brushes for the digsite, and there are other NPCs inside the digsite that you can interact with.

  • Ecr0708 - Located behind EEmporium, sells a shady tool as well as a holographic display head.

  • Maggie - Resides in the abandoned EEmporium, allows you to craft Talismans at her enchantment table.

  • Alf - Vex NPC inside EEmporium, compacts Sculk into Compressed Sculk and Compressed Sculk into Supercharged Sculk, which is required for certain Talisman recipes.

  • Weekend Trader - NPC that shows up on the weekends in the Blue tent near the Fishing Area and sells exotic goods.

  • Welfare Check & Tellers - You can find these NPCs at the bank in the Mall parking lot (/warp Mall, and then the big building to the right when you exit the mall into the parking lot area). The Welfare Check NPC is where you collect your welfare check, which is Crowns you receive for actively playing on the SMP. Tellers allow you to deposit and withdraw money from your bank account.

  • And any other NPCs that I may have forgotten to add (there’s a lot, and probably more to be added)

Uses of Crowns

There’s a lot you can use crowns for in the economy. Most of the main uses come down to costs of upgrading armor, buying spawners, gambling (within reason), buying various goods from the shops of other players, and even running your own shop. The bottom line is that crowns have been made to be very useful with many different purposes to obtain and spend them. At length it is up to you how you choose to spend your crowns, whether it be on armor upgrades, renting out a space for your own shop, or any other means of emptying your pockets of your well-earned money.

I sincerely hope your experience with the economy is a good one, and if you ever have any issues with anything to do with the economy, drop a suggestion in #suggestions on the discord server or discuss them with other players.

That’s all for the economy!

Custom Features

Lastly, there are numerous custom features that have been added to the SMP+ server. All of them have been added to enhance and deepen your experience, and there is always more to come!

In the current state of the SMP–as of late May 2024–there’s Custom Terrain, Custom Enchants, Reforges, Custom Fishing, Armor Upgrades, Welfare, shulker box and tool block access in your inventory, VOICE CHAT, Resource Worlds, The Tavern (New-ish!), Community-Based Mayorship (New!), Talismans (New!), and a secret crime route that players can engage in (also new!). Among any other things that may have been left out accidentally.

I’ll go over the simple ones real quick:

  • Custom Terrain - We have used the Terra plugin to create a world with custom terrain for the SMP.

  • Welfare - There is a welfare system on the SMP, where you get paid crowns for actively playing on the server. You can claim them at the bank outside of the Mall.

  • Shulker box & Tool block access in inventory - We have made it so that you can use things like shulker boxes, crafting tables, stone cutters, ender chests, etc. in your inventory to improve QoL on the server!

  • Voice Chat - On the server you can use Simple Voice Chat (SVC) to talk with other players in-game (who also have the mod) without needing to hop in a voice chat on discord or some other method of interaction. We recommend that you use this if you’re able.

  • Resource Worlds - There are separate worlds–overworld, nether, end–that reset once a week for players to get any resources they need that are finite on the actual SMP itself. This makes it so the SMP isn’t starved of resources. You can access them through the Resource Worlds NPC at spawn.

  • The Tavern - Inside the community center area at spawn there is The Tavern, where you can enhance potions to beyond-vanilla potencies!

  • Community-Based Mayorship - We have recently added a Mayor position to the SMP, in which a community member is elected to and can manage aspects of the server, most notably the economy. They can also work with the mod and dev team to get other stuff done if they want to do more things outside of what they are given.

  • The Crime Route - We are working on implementing a system of crime on the SMP, the only info we will give you about it is that you can buy Lockpicks from the shady ECR NPC at the back of the large abandoned store near spawn.

More complex ones have their own articles:

I think you get the point, there’s a lot you can do on this SMP, and we have even more planned for the future!

Go Have Fun!

That’s about it! I hope this guide was helpful to you to some extent, as this took a decent amount of time to create. There are many features to have documented, and likely more to come with future updates. With that said, a lot of work has been put into the server to get it to be as big and interactive as it is now, so make sure to show your appreciation to the mods, developers, and rest of the staff team!

Enough talking, it is now time for you to go forth and begin (or continue) your grand SMP adventures!