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Jun 13, 2024

Custom Enchants & Reforges

Custom Enchants & Reforges

Custom Enchants

70 custom enchantments from the ecoenchants resource pack are obtainable through vanilla enchantment tables, by looting structures, rolling books at Lucid’s Library, or Daily Rewards. These enchantments are primarily quality-of-life, aimed at improving the player experience. Examples include Soulbound, which prevents item loss upon death, Thrive, which gives extra health, and Lumberjack, which allows for multiple blocks of a tree to be chopped at once. A list of the available enchants can be found here.

These enchantments are part of one of four classes. The color of the enchantment text determines these classes. Like with vanilla enchants, white text denotes typical enchant level and red text denotes curses. In addition, blue text and pink text enchants are available but are limited in application to 1 per item. Pink enchantments are the highest tier, and generally highly valued due to their usefulness. Blue enchantments are activation-based, typically by right-clicking with the item, and have a cooldown before they can be used again. 

Each enchant’s rarity varies, with white text enchants mostly having rarity classes including common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Blue enchantments are generally epic, legendary, and special. Pink enchants are denoted as special and very special.

One For All in particular is a very special enchant, as it can only be found in structures or obtained in book form as a daily reward. It cannot be rolled from an enchantment table.

Useful Commands

“/enchantinfo [enchantment name]” allows players to search for specific enchantments to find details like max level, what they can be applied to, their function, and any conflicts they may have. Like with vanilla enchantments such as Mending and Infinity, not all custom enchants can go together, which is important to keep in mind when crafting your perfect gear.

Example of doing “/enchantinfo Blast Mining”

“/ecoenchants gui” is an interactive command that allows a player to place in an enchantable item. Once the item is in place, all custom enchantments that could be applied to that item and have not already will appear in the menu below as enchantment books. Hover over each book with your cursor to read each enchantment.

Maximizing your enchantments

To obtain all possible enchantments on an item, apply all vanilla enchantments first, followed by custom ones. This will prevent an item from becoming too expensive to modify in an anvil, as custom enchantments will cost one level to apply no matter the number of other enchantments present. 


Reforges are buffs that are applied to armor and tools using the Blacksmith found at spawn. The Blacksmith’s shop is located towards the back of the community center, near the Dragonscale Guild and Tavern. It is open from 2pm-6pm in game-time.

Reforges cost 7500 crowns upon first application to each piece of gear but can be rerolled for increasing price. Examples of reforges include Prospecting, the only current pickaxe reforge, which gives a 5% chance to get 2 crowns when mining a block, and Acute, which gives 2% Triple Damage Chance to axes. Armor and weapons currently have the widest variety of reforges. A full list of reforges can be found further down this page.

Another thing to note, the Dynamic reforge is the only craft-able reforge, requiring 2 iron blocks and a phantom membrane. This reforge can be applied at the blacksmith to gear at the cost of 100,000 crowns

List of all Reforges


  • Dynamic- +5% Damage, +10% Crit Damage
  • Strong- +2% Damage, +10% Knockback
  • Sharp- +3% Damage
  • Light- -5% Damage, -5% Knockback, +10% Attack Speed
  • Gravitated- +8% Crit Damage
  • Nautical- +20% Damage in water


  • Streamlined- +4% Damage
  • Rich- +0.1 crowns Per Mob Kill
  • Nautical- +20% Damage in water


  • Nautical- +20% Damage in water


  • Acute: +2% Triple Damage Chance
  • Gravitated: +8% Crit Damage
  • Nautical- +20% Damage in water


  • Prospecting- +5% chance to get 2 crowns for mining a block


  • Reinforced- +4% Damage Resistance
  • Tough- +8% Damage Resistance, -5% Movement Speed
  • Thin- -5% Damage Resistance, +2.5% Movement Speed
  • Evasive- +2% Ignore Damage Chance