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Jun 13, 2024

Night Market

Night Market

Night Market

The Night Market is one of the fastest ways to make crowns on the server. The entrance is open from roughly 10:30pm-2am (game-time, not irl), and can be entered through a secret entrance in the Laboratory, which is located at the top of the first staircase at the community center. The Night market NPC trades from 10pm to 4am server time, allowing some time to trade if you get there right before the door closes.

To be sure you’re in the right spot, the building that has the secret entrance houses Herbert, an NPC that sells mob spawners, on the second floor of the building. The first floor is full of brewing stands and iron blocks. You will find the secret entrance through one of the iron doors hidden behind a green banner on either side of the room.

This door takes you to the Night Market. Here, you will find the Book Market NPC and the Night Market NPC. Every 3 days (and at the turnover of each month), these two refresh the three items they sell and buy respectively. The Book Market has a chance to sell any custom enchant in the server, with the exception of One for All. The Night Market chooses three random items and buys them from players for a set price per. The possible payout for each of these items varies depending on how obtainable the item is in game.

For instance, if the item is super easy to obtain, say a carrot, the highest price you could sell it for would be 10 crowns each. However, if the item was something like an elytra, you could get over 2000 crowns per elytra. Though the NPC pays per item, it does buy in bulk, so you have the potential to make thousands of crowns in one go. This is what makes the Night Market a really good source of income, given you get a good market roll.

Sample of what items could appear in the Night Market

One last thing to note, there is a randomness factor in the pricing of items based on their ‘rarity’ in the game. There is both a low price and a high price set for each rarity, and a random price for the item is chosen between the two. There is also a limit to how many items can be put in for each rarity, with a lot being able to be entered for farmable items, and decreasing limits as the rarity increases. These things are in place to make sure the Night Market is not too overpowered, but still relatively worth it as a source of income.