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Jun 13, 2024

Custom Fishing

Custom Fishing

On the SMP+ server you are not only able to do normal Vanilla fishing, but also custom fishing. This is thanks to one of the plugins we have on the server, which adds a variety of features to minecraft fishing.

Using special fishing gear on the server, players will be able to catch a variety of new fish and sell them for crowns. This is all done at a designated fishing area near Spawn, which is located just past the large arch and to the right from central spawn.

At this fishing area, which consists of a pond surrounded by palm trees and a water-filled cave, you can buy special fishing rods, sell the custom fish you catch for the server’s currency (Crowns), and participate in fishing contests and quests. There is also some added variety with the fishing itself–some of the fish you catch will depend on the current weather conditions and time of day–which makes the fishing experience on the server more immersive and realistic.

Fishing NPCs

There are many NPCs scattered around the fishing area. Each of them offer a different service to the player. The two that you are likely to stumble upon first are Riley and Jeremy, in their fishing shack next to the pond and near the front of the fishing area.

Riley will buy the custom fish and items that you catch, the value of which is determined by its rarity and size (see “Fishing Rarities and Payout” for more info). Jeremy is the guy who sells fishing rods. These rods vary in price and functionality, with the more expensive ones being better. For more info on the fishing rods, scroll down to the “Fishing Rods” section.

The next NPCs you likely will come across reside in the cave. These NPCs are Smiley and Henry. Smiley functions the exact same as Riley, buying anything you catch. 

Henry is different though, as he provides daily fishing quests for the player. These quests have you catch a certain number of a specific type of fish, and if you bring all of them to him you will be rewarded with a high payout compared to selling them regularly to Smiley or Riley. The number of fish you need to catch decreases as rarity increases. For example, you may need to catch 10 of the same common fish, but only 1 specific legendary.

The last NPC, Alissa, is located next to the cave on the far side of the pond in a small shack. Alissa sells fishing baits to the user, which are used to increase the chances of catching specific fish. These baits include: Shrimps, Epic Elixir, Stringy Worms, Fresh Water, and Legendary Lure. To use the bait just drop it on the rod you want it for in your inventory. Also, note that these baits can only be used outside of the fishing contests.

Fishing Contests

Fishing contests are periodic events that pertain to custom fishing on the server. These are to incentivize the custom fishing, as there are crown payouts for the top 3 finishers of each competition, as well as get people to engage with and be around each other more.

When a fishing competition is active, you can head over to the spawn pond and cave fishing areas to participate. There is a leaderboard at the entrance to the fishing area that displays the placement of players during the contest. All you have to do to compete is bring a custom rod and start fishing, it’s that easy!

  • (One thing to note though is that baits do not work during fishing contests.)
The leaderboard at the entrance to the spawn pond.

When it comes to the fishing contests, there are three types: Largest Fish, Most Fish, and Specific Fish. Specific details and timing for each competition are as follows:

  • The Largest Fish competition occurs on weekdays at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. The top 3 people who catch the biggest fish will receive a reward.
  • The Most Fish competition occurs on weekends at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. The top 3 people who catch the most fish will receive a reward.
  • The Specific Fish competition occurs on Sundays at 2pm. In this competition you have to catch a specific fish, and whoever does so first, wins.
  • As far as placement: First place gets 5000 crowns, Second place gets 2500 crowns, and Third place gets 1000 crowns.

An example of the Most Fish competition, as well as display of the payout for placing top 3.

Fishing Rods

The price range for the rods starts at 1,000 crowns and ends at 10,000 crowns. Each of them functions slightly differently, with the weaker rods being cheaper, and better rods costing more.

The Fishing Rods are as follows:

  • EE Fishing Rod - Costs 1,000 crowns, the cheapest and weakest rod
  • Trusty Old Rod - Costs 2,500 crowns
  • Super Rod - Costs 5,000 crowns
  • The Choof Rod - Costs 10,000 crowns, the most OP rod

You cannot enchant these rods, so Mending and Unbreaking are unable to be used to keep them alive longer. Instead, to repair the rods you can use 2 of the same type of rod in an anvil. For example, if you want to repair a Choof Rod, that means you need another Choof rod.

Fish Rarities and Payout

The price of the fish you catch is determined by their size and rarity. This is determined by taking the size and multiplying it by the rarity modifier.

Starting with Common rarity at a 1x multiplier, the rarity modifiers increase by +1x with each level. Now, looking at the increasing level of rarities being Common, Junk, Rare, Epic, and finally Legendary, we determine that Junk has a 2x modifier, Rare has a 3x, and so on.

One last thing to note is that the size of fish also increases with their rarity, to make the payments scale higher with higher rarities.