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Jun 13, 2024

SMP+ Beginner's Guide

The scenery at /spawn.

Welcome to the leg.gg SMP+ Server!

Hello, and welcome to SMP+! This Beginner’s Guide has been created to give you an introduction to the most useful features for new players on the SMP, and to help jumpstart your experience on it.

Server Rules

The first thing we need to cover is the rules of the server. The rules of our server are relatively straightforward and should be common sense, but it helps to make players aware of them regardless.

You are responsible for your account and any actions that are taken on it. If a rule is broken on your account, you will have to accept any consequences that may occur. Do not let people use your account if you cannot trust them to follow the rules of the server.

  1. Be Good To Each Other
  2. No Hacking
  3. No Griefing Or Stealing
  4. Keep it PG / Family Friendly
  5. Usage of Alt Accounts is Forbidden
  6. Usage of applications which provide a competitive advantage is prohibited
  7. Don’t make us create more rules!

World Info

There is a lot to explore on the SMP+ Server. From the unique custom terrain of the overworld to community builds and much more. With Season 5 of SMP+ being open for the majority of a year, there is a lot that has been built up to enhance everyone’s experience on the server.

There are a few things that are good for a starting player to know about the SMP world:

  • There is a lot to do at Spawn (get to spawn using ‘/spawn’), so go explore it and interact with all the NPCs you come across for helpful information!
    • The Community Center to the South of Spawn has really useful things too, so make sure to visit it.
  • There is a 10k block border (20k x 20k world size)
  • Use ‘/rtp’ and ‘/wild’ to randomly teleport out into the world.
  • Resource worlds are useful for gathering resources that might be scarce on the main SMP world. You can access them through the Resource Worlds NPC at spawn.
  • The SMP+ economy is based on a currency named crowns, so you’ll want to figure out how to get them!


There are several warps to main areas of the world that you can use to get around easily. To get to them use “/warp [warp name]”.

Warps include:

  • Biome Warps: Each takes you to a warp located in the biome it’s named after
    • Arctic
    • Forest
    • Valley
    • Volcano
  • casino - Takes you to the casino.
  • EEmporium - Warp to EEmporium, the large store at spawn (now abandoned, with some shady activity around it).
  • fightclub - We don’t talk about Fight Club.
  • Fishing - The Fishing area at spawn.
  • mall - Takes you to the mall area.

Establishing A Base

After exploring the world for a little while, you’ll likely find a place where you want to initially settle down and make a starter base (maybe even a long term one!). There are a few different ways you can set up your base on SMP+: camps, pwarps (player warps), and lands.


Upon joining the server for the first time, you will receive a Camp in your inventory. You use the Camp by placing it on the ground, and it will create a temporary land that lasts 3 irl days. Once this time runs out the camp is deleted and you will need to use one of the other methods for setting up your base. To get back to the camp use “/lands spawn [camp name]”.


Pwarps cost 500 crowns to make, which is done using “/pw set [warp name],” and are public by default, meaning they are accessible to anyone who joins the server. Pwarps are only a teleport point, and provide no protection whatsoever to your base. You can get back to your pwarp using “/pwarp [warp name]”.


Lands are a permanent claim that cost 5000 crowns to create. Lands prevent outsiders from messing with your stuff, give you access to many useful features, and also allow you to teleport to them using “/lands spawn [land name].”

One last thing to note before moving on:
Please be mindful of the proximity of your bases to other people’s builds, try to give each other space to prevent quarreling, and communicate with each other to set boundaries if needed.

Go Begin Your Travels!

That’s pretty much all you will need to know to start your adventures on the SMP+ server! If you ever have trouble learning what the other common features of the server are, be sure to skim through the extensive SMP+ Guide! (link SMP+ Guide here)

We hope you enjoy the experience of SMP+ Season 5!