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Jun 13, 2024

Daily Bundles

Daily Bundles

Daily Bundles

Bundles are randomized collection quests players can complete for crowns. They are run out of the Dragon's Scale Guild by George in spawn at (-114, 280), and reset daily at 12 am EST. The guild itself is open from Noon-10pm in game-time.

Currently, there are 21 bundles in total for you to complete. Unlike the Night Market, George only pays once you have completely fulfilled the quota for an individual item. For example, if he asked for 100 Rotten Flesh, you would not receive payment until you gave him all 100. Thankfully, you do not have to complete the full bundle in order to get crowns. If, however, you are able to complete the entirety of the bundle, you will get a bonus 2500 crowns for your effort.

Various items are included in each bundle, with the total payout per bundle being at least 10,000 crowns. There are a few special bundles that will provide much more than this though, if you're lucky.

Here are a few visual examples of bundles you may come across:

The rest of the bundles in circulation are as follows:

  • The Painful Bundle
  • The Cartographer's Bundle
  • The Miner's Bundle
  • The Author's Bundle
  • The Colorful Bundle
  • The High Roller Bundle
  • The Hunter Bundle
  • The Redstone Bundle
  • The Cleric's Bundle
  • The Bannerman Bundle
  • The Enchanter's Bundle
  • The Leatherworker's Bundle
  • The Archaeology Bundle
  • The Crazy Crystal Aunt Bundle
  • The Bee Bundle
  • The Spaceship Bundle
  • The Crazy Candle Lady Bundle

And that’s about it for bundles! Hopefully this article was useful and informative, if you have any other questions about bundles make sure to ask about them in the server chat or the SMP chat on the discord, and other people should be able to answer them.