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Jun 14, 2024

SMP+ Business and Mayor Updates

SMP+ Business and Mayor Updates

Gas Stations

There are now two gas stations on the map. These new state businesses grant XP at an upgradeable rate for a variable price. These values can be set through the gas station management laptop. Gas stations are considered a state business and, as such, are tied to a business account and are taxed at a higher rate than other businesses. However, this is still a great opportunity to make some Crowns!

Players will be able to obtain one of the two gas stations through the new auction system located outside each location: one by the Blacksmith at Spawn and the other in the corner of the mall plaza.

New Shops

Many new shops have been added to the mall plaza. There are smaller shops going for 150,000 Crowns and larger restaurants going for 600,000 Crowns. The restaurant spot has no requirement to serve food; it is just like every other shop but in a more unique location.

Other Business Changes

Transaction history has been drastically optimized and is now available for state and state business accounts. The new system is much faster and more convenient to use.

Added exponentially increasing price for creating new business accounts. This is to encourage a single business account for interest payments rather than multiple at a higher interest rate.

Added the ability to delete business accounts. In case a player has extra business accounts that drive up their new business account price, they can delete an existing account to lower the next account's price.

Added ability to enroll all shops within a shop region to a business account. The entire shop enrollment system has been fixed and optimized, and this is one of the key quality of life changes for the system. Follow the same command as before, but click the sign of your shop to add the region to your business account.

Mayoral Changes

The current mayor, cxsmicvega, has been hard at work trying to put the server's economy in a stable state. One of the key introductions that came with this is taxes. These include state taxes, directed toward state businesses such as gas stations and ShadyCats; sales tax, which is charged when a player buys an item from a chest shop; shop tax, which is charged toward the owner of a chest shop; fishing tax, which is a percentage of income from fishing; Night Market tax, which is a percentage of income from selling to the Night Market; and bundles tax, which is a percentage of income from completing bundles. All of these taxes help ensure there is not too many Crowns in circulation and keeps the economy in check.

Players can find all tax rates, income multipliers, and other statistics at the bottom floor of the new Town Hall. Speaking of which, there is now a brand new Town Hall building at spawn. Be sure to check it out!

Other Major Changes

The Shopkeeper Clock has gotten a rework. The item now opens up a GUI, allowing players to select which shops they want notifications for, whether they want them when the shop opens or closes, and players can now view whether the shop is currently opened or closed.

The heavily requested guides and documentation are now available under the SMP+ tab above. These are also now directed toward new players who just joined, with a more simple guide created for them to get the gist of the system in place with room for their own exploration.

Resource Worlds are now much more optimized. These worlds now come pre-generated and with a world border of 10,000 blocks x 10,000 blocks. This is to improve server performance and to ensure the market does not get flooded with resources.

Minor Changes

The proximity voice chat prefix has been updated. Find a simpler, more minimal design next to players' usernames.

The menu which appears on hovering over a player name has been redone. The menu now properly shows the player's proximity chat status as well as balance and ping.

The [gametime] command has been reworked. This includes showing AM/PM and now requiring a clock in a player's inventory to be able to be used.

Added a functional Clock Tower to Spawn. This tower will ring at both noon and midnight, giving players a better sense of time. If you wish to disable the ring, you can find the option in /options.

Added the AFK status of players to the Discord player list command. Find whether or not a player is AFK from your Discord client for an improved ease of access.

Added Allay to Herbert's spawner shop. This was recently requested, and has been added in at a moderate price.

Pink sheep prevention is now more reliable. No more false prophets in this house!

Added formatting to many numbers. This is to improve readability of bank balances, payments received, and more.

Renamed the Xray enchant to Ore Finder. This is to prevent confusing with an actual Xray hacked client, which is not allowed, and the enchant itself. Further, the enchant now highlights nether quartz ore and nether gold ore.

Fishing contest times have been tweaked. These will now appear every four hours, with certain ones coming a bit later to avoid the restart.

Fixed a bug with endless particles appearing in the Hub. This also comes with a new particle effect with the double jump and falling out of the world actions.

Made /reforge only accessible through the Blacksmith NPC. Access to Reforges was never meant to be able to be used outside the Blacksmith and has now been fixed.

Reworked the luck system. This includes the casino and other systems which cannot be named.

Removed Legundo.


As promised, this update has come with a three day Booster to help promote these new systems and allow players to enjoy their weekend with the new content.

Be sure to report any bugs with either a ticket in our Discord or with /report. Enjoy!