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May 10, 2024

Magic and Mayors

Magic and Mayors

SMP+ Update

Hey y'all! We're excited to announce the next major update to our SMP+ gamemode: Magic and Mayors. Available to play now on leg.gg!


Talismans are the brand new end-game feature. Keep them in your inventory to gain a boost on the stat the Talisman is crafted for! Examples include:

  • Arrow damage
  • Experience multipliers
  • Attack speed
  • Strength
  • ...and more!

Interested in what Talismans are available to offer? Find Maggie in the now-abandoned E Emporium (EE) to check out the custom crafting system and recipes available for each Talisman. Note that you can only have one Talisman of each type, and the highest level Talisman is the one that will be used.


The mayor position is back! ... Well, kind of. This position, unlike the previous mayor council, is not a member of the staff team. Instead, this individual is completely democratically elected and has the ability to change factors of the economy. The elected mayor can impact the following:

  • Fishing payout
  • Night Market payout
  • Bundle payout
  • Interest rates
  • ATM fees
  • Welfare rates
  • Build or appoint a team to build around spawn
  • Manage state funds and create new public programs
    Be careful who you vote for, as the mayor holds a lot of power! However, there are checks and balances. If the mayor is found to be embezzling money, improperly balancing the economy, abusing tools, or running the state account into debt - they will be impeached by us! The mayor also receives an office in the town hall.

Announce your candidacy by using the lectern in the mayor's office at the town hall, or view who is running and set your party name by using the lectern on the bottom floor. Stay tuned for an election date!

Mall Expansion

The mall now has a massive expansion with a plaza! Find stores that can be bought out-right (no renting!) for a very steep price. The mall warp has also been moved to account for this new expansion. Be sure to get these hot commodities now before they get scooped up!

Banking Changes and Welfare System

The banking system hasn't received much love lately, so we have taken the time to improve the system. Not only has the bank been significantly optimized, but it also comes with improvements requested by you guys! Find business accounts within the balance leaderboard, business accounts now receive interest, personal accounts now no longer have a limit, and ATMs now have fees associated.

With these changes come a new main bank building, located at the mall plaza, and a new branch of the bank, located in spawn. Find even more ATMs around public areas with a new, refreshed look.

Replacing the Legundo NPC in the Town Hall, the welfare system brings the same bonus of 20,000 Crowns to new players. In addition, players receive a number of Crowns each minute they are online and not AFK. You can collect your welfare check at the main bank in the mall plaza! It's free money!

Other Changes

A resource overworld has been created! No more destroying the environment for the Night Market, as you can now get resources from this new resource world. Note that this resets in the same cadence as the other resource worlds. Furthermore, all resource worlds now have a world border to discourage too much chunk generation.

The E Emporium is now abandoned! Ecr has been caught in his crypto scam and, as a result, could not pay upkeep on the E Emporium anymore. Sources say he is camping out back. The building is now abandoned and houses something mysterious...

Fight Club bounty now decays over time! Players have to fight at least once a day in order to maintain the bounty. The more time spent away from the Fight Club, the lower your bounty will go.

Added additional /pwarp sub-commands. These include methods to whitelist, password protect, and ban other users from accessing your warp. Please do not use them with malicious intent! The timing for warping to a public warp has also been tweaked.

Removed Legundo Good, I hate that guy. Legundo, who previously offered a bonus to new players, has been removed. Looking for your 20,000 Crown bonus? Find the new welfare system at the main bank in the brand new mall plaza.

The Nether Prospector enchantment has been issued a fix. Feel free to mine those debris!

Shops are now more secure! Trying to access a store after-hours will no longer work. You must be within the required opening hours in order to access their service.

The library has been revamped! Find a brand new, streamlined book keeping system to place your stories and lore.

External shopping applications have been removed and refunded. With the new mall expansion, the external shopping applications have been removed in order to promote a more fair economic experience. Sorry TBM!

Opening and closing times for the Banks, Laboratory, and Night Market have been tweaked. This is a direct result of the new protection system being too limiting on the Night Market selling capability.

Fishing competition times have been tweaked! Find more consistent timings of fishing competitions throughout the week.

Booster This Weekend!

For this weekend, enjoy a 1.5x boost on all Crown earnings! Enjoy the update and make some extra Crowns!