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Jun 25, 2024

leg.gg Roadmap

leg.gg Roadmap

General Updates

1.21 Update Notice

All of our experiences are still on 1.20.* versions natively. However, clients on 1.21 are still able to join. For the best experience, it is recommended to play on a 1.20.* version until we are able to update all experiences to 1.21.


As many of you know, we have recently made the decision to switch to a better host to provide a better experience for you all. However, that does come with the caveat of operating costs for leg.gg.

We have been crafting a system of monetization for the past few months and are ready to launch it in the coming weeks! Players will be able to purchase cosmetics and other items that do not offer a competitive advantage. We pride ourselves in our ethics, and not offering pay-to-win services is one of those ethical codes we shall stick to in this coming change.

Rank Changes

With the coming changes to monetization, there will also be a change in how we distribute our ranks. In place of the many premium ranks we currently offer with a Discord link, we are moving toward one premium rank: the Legend rank. This rank will be available for a monthly fee on our store.

The current premium ranks will receive this rank in place of their current one. This will continue on until September 1, 2024. On that date, the Discord-linked ranks will no longer serve any benefit on our services.

Gamemode Updates

Extraction Open Beta

The time has come! The Nexus calls for new adventurers to venture within.

It's time for Extraction to open up again, this time to everyone! We'll be doing things a bit different to what the original plan was, so sit tight as I explain a couple things.

First, the date!! Extraction will go live into Open Beta on July 6th at 1pm EST with a special launch livestream with yours truly! I also had planned the next creator invitational, but I kinda forgot these things called Twitchcon Europe AND Vidcon and I didn't want to steal their thunder :P. A creator event will follow soon, stay tuned for more.

The playable space for the Open Beta.

Next, the map. While we've been sharing the image of the full map on socials and on the Discord, the full map isn't quite fully baked. Because of this, we've prioritized some areas of the map to give a better day one experience, knowing that the world will continue to expand after launch.

Here's a quick rundown- the pink box will be the playable space for the launch, meaning some POI will be inaccessible. This is mainly so we can focus on making them as good as possible, so please know that more is coming in the near future. It's also worth noting that the map is still a work in progress, and features will continue to be added and tweaked as we get player feedback, so please let us know how the world feels to explore.

Just look at them... standing there...

Finally, your gear. As we said at the end of the Closed Beta, all players, hideout progression, and other materials will be reset for the Open Beta - with only your Trophies carrying over. I'll have a dedicated post coming soon talking about some other changes from the Closed Beta, as well as a general timeline as far as how gear progression will be released over time on the Open Beta. Stay tuned. -Legs

SMP Classic

Classic world generation makes its return!

Coming to leg.gg this summer is a brand new SMP experience: SMP Classic. This experience offers an experience akin to previous seasons of our current SMP+ experience, providing a more laid-back approach to features. Find vanilla mechanics, a diamond economy, and a constantly growing world in this new experience.

This new game mode is expected to receive the same level of support as our current SMP+ game mode, with each season lasting a full year. See you all in Season 1 this summer!


The gates will continue to be open!

Last, but not least, is our current SMP+ experience. Season 5 will be continuing for a longer period than previous seasons, and will be ending this winter. Players have plenty of time to continue their mega bases (looking at you Liyue) and conquer the economy. Many quality of life changes have already been made in the background, and new content updates are planned to be arriving soon. Monetization will also offer some new options to boost your spirits!

Stay tuned for many more announcements to come!