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Apr 22, 2024

Extraction FINAL UPDATE & Closed Beta Timeline

Extraction FINAL UPDATE & Closed Beta Timeline

They have arrived.

Thank you all so much for helping me launch Extraction to the world. It's been an amazing month (can you believe it's been a month) with some clutch runs, a race to the top of the leaderboard, and some fun moments, o7 to the Captain.

BUT - the just the end of the beginning! Let's talk about the final update for Extraction during the closed beta and next steps!


There are several items collected during the Closed Beta that many were wondering what their purpose would be. While there are future implementations for these items (such as the Bee Moderator and the Pink Sheep plush) they also all serve a common purpose - as trophies to commemorate your accomplishments.

Trophies can be unlocked by speaking to the Loremaster in Sanctuary. She will be able to assist you with unlocking trophies from your items. Each trophy can be unlocked only a single time, and when you unlocked that trophy will be stored at the time it is unlocked. Trophies will be able to be displayed in future updates to Hideouts as well as other features I'm not quite ready to talk about yet.

They're just standing there... menacingly...

Now - this new system did require a change to the loot items found so they can function in the trophy system. You might have noticed that some of your more recent finds don't stack with their counterparts (and they have some work in place for a custom texture pack coming after the beta). This is intentional. Don't fret though, there is a new Apprentice NPC in the Loremaster's library that will help you convert your previous finds into trophy-compatible versions.

These are 1:1 trades of the non-trophy version of the item into their trophy version, and will enable unlocking those trophies via the Loremaster. This way OG players aren't punished for getting to the rare loot before I got to implementing the system.

End of the Beginning...

That's my final Update for Extraction's Closed Beta, but I am FAR from done! I'm already working on the BTS configuration and implementation of the game's open beta period, which will come with the first World's First race to immortalize players into the world of Extraction with some real-world prizes along the way. More info on that as we prep for Open Beta.

The final full map is coming along great, and I've been talking with the build team to make sure everything is ready for all the shenanigans y'all are ready to throw at it. It's looking awesome, and I can't wait to share more info there.

There are a lot of systems that are going to get re-worked in the time between closed and open beta, things like expanding on the Hideout system, to re-working Engrams, to adding mineable resource nodes inside the world. I'm fully re-working NPC Questing and Trading, adding higher-tier items, and introducing the Exotic weapons and armor into the game for the next generation.

As the Closed Beta ends, ALL ITEMS AND HIDEOUT PROGRESS WILL BE RESET to provide a fair and level playing field for new players going into the Open Beta and new release. Think of this as the first of our seasonal resets. The only things that will persist are:

  • Turned-In Trophies
  • Turned-In Lore Books
  • Seasonal Shard Contributions & Raid Postgame Reports
    • This will be used for an online leaderboard functionality coming later this year

All other content will be reset after Extraction shuts down Sunday, April 28th at 11:59 EST. So get your final runs in, find the last few items to complete your base, and get your last "I was there" screenshots before it's too late. The world of Extraction is about to get a whole lot bigger and more dangerous - this is the calm before the storm.


This final update mainly has two purposes. Fixing the last (hopefully) of the hideout timing bugs so that future iterations of the system can work effectively, as well as enabling a trophy system so your rare finds from the closed beta can live with you for the future.

  • Added Trophy System
  • Added Lore System
  • Added Trash Functionality to Hideouts
  • Fixed an issue where bundles could be "overloaded" with more than 18 unique items
  • Fixed Scav Armor Pieces persisting after raid completing

Thank You

This game has been a ton of fun to make, but seeing the moments y'all have enjoyed in the world or playing against you for some harrowing moments in the wilds - it's meant the world. I'm so excited for what Extraction can do next. Let's do it together.

<3, Legs