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Apr 8, 2024

Extraction 0.9.5 Update

Extraction 0.9.5 Update

...where Legundo Learns He's Bad At Math.

Math... how does it work?

So how many times have y'all opened a chest to see only 1 or two items, or worse of all - no items at all? Well, it turns out that I had made a pretty big mistake on the loot distribution of items, and that error had some pretty big side effects.

The way loot was being calculated BTS had a flaw in the code where approximately 11% of the time no item would be rolled, and the items that were selected were disproportionately weighted towards the Uncommon and Rare variety, basically making common items just void themselves around half the time they appeared. This issue was amplified when players had multiple luck effects (both potions or the Rabbit's Foot) stacked.

I've corrected the error in the loot algorithm, so players should be seeing both more loot and more common items. That does mean that Legendary/Exotic items are no properly more rare, with common items appearing more often. This might cause some items to feel over-common, and I'll adjust loot rarities and amounts with this new data after I have a better sample size.

Goodbye, Hopper

I hope everyone enjoyed the first Extraction Holiday Event! This was a test to see if limited-run secondary loot items work with this game, and things seem promising! Many of you were able to collect the trophy items from Hopper before he bounced away until next year.

Now, I know people are wondering if these items will carry over to the main game, and the answer is... maybe. I need to work on a trophy system that basically stores these items outside of the normal Minecraft inventory in order to enable that, but things are in a good spot right now that I should be able to get that done before the beta ends. I'll keep you posted.

Community Stream Night

I'm going to be livestreaming from the server this Friday during my normal stream time! I might even be able to get something done before then to make it interesting. Let's say... it'll be another trophy ;)

I wish I could be streaming more right now, but I'm still recovering after a frankly hellish last week or so. Here's hoping I can fully breathe by this weekend so we can meet up in the wild!


  • Holiday Event / Trader Disabled
  • Reassessed Loot Distribution
  • Fixed an issue where multiple stacked luck sources had negative effects
  • Added particle effects to extraction locations
  • Improved Death Reporting / Experience
    • Players will now be transferred to Spectator mode on their death location for 5 seconds following their death.
    • This will continue to be improved in future updates
  • Dropped items now last only 1 minute
    • This change is to bring parity to items dropped on death to prevent players from dropping valuables before dying to enable recovering their gear
  • Fixed an issue with new Hideout generation that should fully prevent duplicate hideout assignments
    • This will not be an issue after this beta. Previous hideout duplicate assignments are being resolved as discovered.

Up Next

    • ALL items will get lore descriptions, type icons, and rarity icons
  • Updating the Frost Grenade to something stackable
    • With a way to turn in old items in a 1:1 trade
  • Resource Nodes / Trader
  • Improving Engram's Value
  • Trophy System