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Apr 4, 2024

Extraction 0.9.3 Update

Extraction 0.9.3 Update

21 Tender Salute...

I hope everyone enjoyed being able to spam chickens around the hub for the past couple days while I was off fighting the plague. While the invasion was brief, it was memorable.

In entirely unrelated news, COOKIE HAS SOME NEW TRADES!

Now let's get onto the big updates:

Bundle Rework


Bundles kinda suck - at leas the vanilla version. Between voiding items in the hub to being difficult to manage to not working with unstackables... I made them not suck! Right click with a bundle to open this 18 slot inventory to use as you please!

Crafting Menu Rework


Turing needs a bit more love after this still, but a simple filter for only showing currently craftable recipes (enabled by default when opening the menu) should help a ton.


  • Loremaster Airdrop Grenade Trade Changed
    • 3 Shards -> 16 Shards
      • Okay, y'all had some fun. We've tested Airdrops pretty extensively now, and while I don't want to outright remove them from the beta, it's time to bring their cost more in-line with their value. Airdrops are a pretty mid to late-game item, so that should be reflected in even a temporary trade.
  • Added Bundle GUI
  • Added filters to Crafting Menu
  • Added a new Global Shards Placeholder
  • Fixed Daily Leaderboards
  • Added New Postmaster Notification on Login / Raid Completion
  • Added some backend infrastructure to enable or disable loot or vendor trades
    • This will be helpful with upcoming events and limited-run items in the loot pool, such as the current ongoing Easter event.
  • Fixed some Admin menu bugs
  • Run stats are now stored to SQL on completion

Up Next

  • Tracking down a timing issue with Hideouts assigning the same location to multiple players
  • Added better death reporting for postgame reports
  • Adding better notification of extraction points
  • Added more reasons to loot chests inside buildings
  • Installing a proper resource pack
    • Working on custom GUI backgrounds also