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Mar 30, 2024

Extraction 0.9.1 Update

Extraction 0.9.1 Update

Already working away!

Y'all, WHAT A DAY 1! I have just one thing to say:

OVER 52,000 SHARDS have been cashed in in Sanctuary! That is a massive number for just the first 24 hours of the game! Thank you so much for all of the support and excitement, and I hope this update makes things even better!


This is something that will become MASSIVELY more complex in time, but I powered through a quick version of the hideouts for y'all to fix the storage issues. You can access your hideout by talking to either of the NPCs in the hub indicating they well send you there. One is behind you when you spawn, the other is the golem in the back center of the map.

In your hideout you have two new free barrels for storage! You can also expand this storage by clicking any of the Netherite Blocks to turn them into barrels. Each barrel requires the following:

  • 8 Planks
  • 2 Chains
  • 2 Bricks
  • 2 Copper
  • 24 Echo Shards

If you have those items in your inventory, the barriers will turn to a green button which you can click to activate your storage.

Storage will reset on seasonal resets, but so will hideouts as there's a lot more to add to that space so you can make it truly yours- this is 100% just the beta version.

Get Runnin'

Two new run types have been added!

Scavenger: Jump into the wilds with no gear save some scraps we had lying around. We'll want those scraps back, though...

Scav runs allow players to jump in with a few basic pieces of armor, some steak, and a wooden sword. This is mainly designed to prevent players from "zeroing out" and having to go in totally naked. Scav runs require an empty inventory to start.

High Roller: Here's where it gets interesting. At the cost of one Raid Upgrade Token, you can activate a High Roller Run. High Roller runs offer a 20% increase in both loot quantity and quality, at the cost of having 5 hearts max health. It's high risk, high reward! Good luck out there!

Peace in our Time

I've also added a new PVP-disabled arena in Pacifist City. Fight only the mobs in this third copy of the city, at the cost of a 20% reduction in loot quality.

Other New Features

  • Vanilla Minecraft difficulty is now Normal (was Hard)
  • Mobs will no now longer target players for the first 20 seconds of their run. You will receive a text alert when this protection disables
  • Mobs now drop vanilla loot (will be adjusted in the future to game-specific loot, enjoy the free molotov grenades ;) )
  • Arena Loot and Difficulty parameters added
  • Loot Changes:
    • Removed some items that were improperly classified as Legendary or Exotic
    • Made Copper slightly more common
    • Increased the base loot item rolls per chest by 1


  • Fixed an issue where Airdrops break on slabs
  • Fixed an issue where player luck was not applying to Shulker Boxes
  • You can no longer remove items from flowerpots (Hi 4c)
  • Fixed an issue where

Known Issues:

  • The PVP Label for Pacifist City is incorrect
  • The Crafting Inventory is Confusing and Unintuitive
  • Bundles emptied in the hub void items
    • Bundles are getting fully reworked soon
  • Rare chance at some armor duplicating
  • It's too easy to die, jump back into the raid, and collect your stuff
  • Nametags are too powerful
  • The Cryptarch sometimes scams players

PHEW - what a day one! I have BW Chaos today and I am SUPER BEHIND on recording, so likely no new update tonight. For now, let's just keep exploring the wilds!