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Mar 31, 2024

The First Extraction Holiday Event!

The First Extraction Holiday Event!


The Extraction 0.9.2 Update is Here!

I'm working away on things, and while this update will be a bit smaller, it includes a general look into the ideas I have to keep the game interesting in the long term.

Hop to it!

A new NPC has arrived in Sanctuary! Hopper waits for you in the center of the hub and wants some new mysterious eggs that can be found out in the wild!

Hopper and their eggs will only be on the server until Monday April 8th, so if you want to collect the three limited items you have to... HOP TO IT!! (lol)


  • Added Holiday NPC
    • Added Mysterious Eggs
    • Added Dragon Egg
    • Added Rabbit Slippers
    • Added Egg of Transferrence
  • New Effects played on player elimination
  • Added Weekly and Daily Shard Leaderboards
    • Need to work on the time zones for this one - but it's mostly there
  • Items dropped on death now persist for only 1 minute (was 5)
    • This is mainly to avoid the "Oh no I died I'll just run back in and get my stuff without penalty." strat that's been popping up. It's no longer impossible, just MUCH harder and requires some lucky spawns


  • Items held in offhand no longer duplicate on death
  • Fixed an issue where warping to spawn would lock you out of your hideout
  • Added backend infrastructure to support daily restarts for server performance
  • Patched a hole in the map - you'll find Shinn's head where it was!

On the Radar

My next white whale here is Crafting. Turing is a confusion bot who just wants to help, but their superior AI brain just doesn't understand how our minds work. I have to redo that entire menu to make it more intuitive and less recipe vomit.

I'm also looking at Nametags as well as better reporting of run stats to a SQL database and to the player in the postgame room. Long-term I'd like to get a full web interface for viewing your performance over time, but that's a ways off.

I have a lot of recording and other projects to do in the first half of this week, but happy hunting everyone!