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May 25, 2024

Mayor Race & Fight Club

Mayor Race & Fight Club

We are excited to announce a minor content update to the SMP+ gamemode: Mayorship and Fight Club. Check out these new changes and brand new information on our mayoral race.

The Mayoral Race

The preliminary round of voting is over, and the pool has been narrowed down to two candidates: cxsmicvega (21 Votes) and JustinW2011 (20 votes). Congratulations, and may the best candidate win! To our other candidates, if you would like to know how many votes you had received, open a ticket and somebody will be able to supply that information for you.

Be sure to vote again between these two candidates at the Town Hall. Also, there is now more information about each candidate in the voting menu. Get to know each candidate even more and be sure to make an informed decision, as your choice will drastically impact the economy and daily life going forward. This role has a lot of power!

Again, be sure to vote again! You have one week. May the best candidate win!

Fight Club Revamp

A long overdue revamp has been completed on the Fight Club. There is now a new system for joining and leaving the arena, bounties underneath the name tags of players, a leaderboard for bounties and total kills, and more!

In addition to these changes come a new game mode for the Fight Club - Team Deathmatch (TDM)! Join a team in the Fight Club menu, and hit start game to battle against the opposing team. The winner of this exchange receives 2,500 Crowns of profit, so get those kills!

Other Changes

Player Warps are no longer instant teleportation and now cost 500 Crowns to create. This is a bit of an oversight on our part, and was never intended to be a free and instant teleport. This new change should ensure that these warps are used more sparingly and are not used to cheat out of tight situations.

New option under /options. /options now has the ability to toggle receiving those pesky Fight Club messages!

Removed Legundo.

No Booster with this update. Next update for sure!