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Mar 27, 2024

Let's Talk Extraction

Let's Talk Extraction


Extraction is a PvPvE survival looting game. There's all sorts of custom weapons and equipment you can find or craft, and the game breaks down into a pretty straightforward loop. Go in, loot some chests, get out.

When joining the game, you will be given three Extraction points, and one simple rule. You have to get there before your time runs out - or you're dead. Extracting takes 10 seconds inside the zone, also - so make sure you're there and safe.

The World

For the beta, we have only one map: Beta City. This is just a small slice of the proper first map that will come with release, but it provides a nice enclosed space for us to test core game systems while the build team keeps working at things.

Welcome to Beta City

Please note, this is still a BETA game. Some things like custom models or interior detailing aren't 100% complete, and assets and map geometry are subject to change. If something is working, we'll keep it. If it isn't - please let me know, and I can continue improving on the game.


Now the fun part, the loot. Chests take a bit to loot in this game, with items having to be searched before you know what you've found. Just click on an unsearched item to figure out what it is, and then pocket it. Inventory management is a big part of the game, so choose what you save carefully.

Items come in six rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Exotic
  • Key

Key items, when looted from a chest, will alert the ENTIRE SERVER to your finding a rare piece of treasure, but they are also insanely valuable. So if you find one, get ready for a run.

For the Beta, we are capping gear at Iron Tier equipment. So that means you might see some loot that you don't have the recipes to craft, but you might want to hold onto it for... reasons ;)


Here's how scoring works in the server / event. For the event, we're going to run a short 3 hour session. Whoever extracts and turns in the most Echo Shards at the end of that time... wins! Almost everything you find in the wilds can be traded for shards with the right NPCs, and things like ancient enchanting tablets can help you improve your gear.

Here's the trick though, Shards are also the currency of the world. Most Vendors will sell you valuable equipment for just a few Echo Shards, so there's this gamble you have to take. Do you invest your money into your gear, hoping for better and more successful runs, or do you just cash in whatever you can to climb the leaderboard?

Custom Weapons

This would already be pretty fun with just vanilla combat, but I've spiced things up... custom weapons like the Airdrop, Sonic Longbow, Molotovs, Healing Beacons, Ping Grenades, Gambler's Blade, and more are all waiting for you out in the Nexus.

This is Only the Beginning...

I've said this internally, but I have MONTHS of improvements and enhancements planned for this game. I genuinely want this to be a living and evolving world and story, a full game in its own right that will be told through your adventures into the wilds.

This event is just the start, this beta is just the start. Please let me know what's working and what isn't as we continue to build this forward so I can make the full release and beyond the best it can be.

See you in the wilds!