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Jul 9, 2024

Extraction 1.1.0 Update

Extraction 1.1.0 Update

Y'all are sneaky ones...

HELLO everyone and welcome to the (probably) weekly major patch for Extraction. This week we're talking Raids, loot, and some cheeky hideout bugs that needed some extra strength bug remover...


First and foremost, thank you for over 100,000 SHARDS turned in during our first weekend!

We're already almost at 150k at the time of writing, and it makes me so damn happy that y'all are enjoying this game. It's been such a labor of love to make.


A few inventive players discovered a very specific set of circumstances that sort of break the game! By combining a crafted golden apple, a lootable weakness potion, Bad Omen from the pillagers in the Capitol, and the Zombie villager spawner at the Farm - y'all created RAIDS WITHIN RAIDS!

Now, this was beautiful chaos I couldn't miss...

HOWEVER, that does lead to accessing some items and equipment that isn't really intended, so for now raids are going bye-bye. We've enlisted the help of Raid Enforcement Officers to make sure this policy is followed. You can still try... but I don't recommend it...

While raids won't be able to be triggered at the moment, the pillagers are regrouping and are preparing for an all-out assult on the Nexus...

Bugs Hiding In The Walls

As a special thank you to those of you who have been keeping track of and reporting bugs in Extraction, we're creating a special trophy that can only be unlocked via submitting an actionable bug report for major bugs (duplication glitches, unintended interactions, stuck spots in maps).

This trophy is only earnable via submitting a bug report, and will be issued to players starting next week. If you've already submitted a bug report - you're good! Just hold on and you should receive a notice when you have your trophy.


We're been working on some fixes for several bugs (full list below) but one of the most important is some vanilla-dropped items like mob loot, or bottles after drinking potions, don't work as loot in Extraction because they don't have our witty pun-filled descriptions and lore.

Drops from mobs, block breaking (ooooh is this a spoiler?!?!?), and some other sources are already set to automatically convert into their Extraction versions from this point forward, but previous items would still be in a bugged state. There is a new NPC vendor in Sanctuary to help relieve this issue allowing you to exchange vanilla items for their Extraction versions 1:1.

Fashion Game

Eagle-eyed members might notice that TNT's wearing one of three updated versions of the Midas Chestplate in the key art for this post! We originally made Extraction before Armor Trims were even a thing, but now that we're in 1.20 it's time to put them to use, but we can't quite land on a final design - so you get to choose!

Hit up the poll on our Twitter account to vote on your favorite. RT that post for a chance to get a Midas Chestplate in game!

What's Next?

We're working on the 1.1 Map Update which will likely be deployed later this week. This includes some highly sought features like some actual ways to cross rivers, small bridges, and fixing some stuck spots players have discovered. It'll also come with additional tweaks to some chest placements and additional major map features as they are completed.

The map will continue to evolve throughout the beta and beyond. As we get to the point where we're happier with more of the map, we'll work on expanding and filling that out in time.

These map updates will (usually) come with new in-game features, which we'll talk more about as they're released.

Community Spotlight

I wanted to take a few minutes to shout out some of the awesome support from y'all during this first weekend!

NatureOfGaming is hooked:

As well as some of the players on the Content Creator server showing off their loot hauls:

We also recommend checking out Boosteed's "Tips for Successful Raiding" on the Legundo Discord!

Please remember, not only CAN you make content in Extraction, but we'd be HONORED if you did! Thank you all so much for the support - you're how we're going to make this game something the world knows about!


Here's the full changelog for 1.1.0

  • Crafting
    • Corrected Iron Ingot -> Nugget Recipe (8 -> 9)
    • Fixed several recipes not recognizing the Extraction version of an item
    • Fixed some errors with rapid recipe redemption
  • Inventory
    • Fixed a Bundle duplication glitched
    • Improved stability of Bundles
    • Improved UI for creating new Barrels in Hideouts
    • Added a ton of Admin UIs so we can mange things better
  • Hideouts
    • Fixed an issue where Hideouts were being duplicated under high server load
    • Fixed an issue were player's hideouts are in the void
    • Fixed an issue with Hideout cauldrons being able to be filled with different fluids
  • Vendors
    • Added the Item Updater
    • Added the Apprentice in the Loremaster area
      • The Apprentice sells some essential equipment such as Extraction Locators, torches, as well as high-tier loot such as Tridents.
    • Cookie now sells Cookie's Speedy Snaps!
  • Raids
    • Fixed a timing issue that caused players to not freeze
    • Fixed a timing issue that prevented Extraction
    • Fixed a timer issue that would not allow players to start a new raid
    • Added a new error code: BEE
      • BEE errors will end your raid when encountered. If you get this, it means you would have been in one of the prior states. We've mostly fixed this, but added an error and raid end to further protect players for issues. Please report any instances of BEE errors via a support ticket.
    • Disabled Villager Curing
    • Removed all Villagers on the map
    • Tweaked Trapped Chest %'s
      • 50% activation -> 60%
    • Fixed spelling of some Extractions (hehe.... Obelelisk)
    • Fixed an issue were Raid Upgrade Tokens were incorrectly more common than intended
    • Corrected an issue where unstackable Frost Grenades existed in the Starter Bundle
    • Corrected an issue where players could be "killed" in a raid in a server restart
    • Added admin raid control to forcibly end raids

Known Issues

  • Fishing - we need to do something about this.
    • Fishing will likely start gaining Extraction loot next update. In the meantime, play nice :P
  • "Ghost Engrams" can appear under high server stress
  • The Cryptarch can still sometimes be a stingy bugger.
  • We're keeping an eye on player behavior and "hunting parties" that roam the map. While PVP is an essential element to the game - we want to make sure there is still fair play.

That's it for this week! Next week will likely be a bit more map-focused with the first big update to the play space! Stay safe out there, all, and make sure to listen for war horns in the distance...

...trouble's brewing.