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Mar 19, 2024

Extraction Logo Reveal

Extraction Logo Reveal

I'm SO EXCITED to reveal the logo for Extraction, my upcoming Minecraft Event and Server.

Extraction is a PvPvE game where you have a simple goal: Go in, get the loot, and get out alive. Think Escape from Tarkov crossed with Destiny 2's lore and worldbuilding, and you're about halfway there. This server is CANNON in the Legundo Multiverse saga, and will help resolve many of the mysteries I've been sprinkling in my videos for almost three years now.

I'm working on the final code improvements to have everything ready for Beta, and the builders are hard at work putting the finishing touches on section the map that will be used for our test. This area might have some temporary assets in place, and will only represent a fraction of the first playable space in the world, but can help me refine and dial in loot distributions, damage, and other things that I just can't test solo.

The private Beta will be available to channel supporters only. So that means Patrons, Channel Members, Twitch Subs, and the like. If you financially support the channel in any way, you're in. This is a line in the sand that I drew to help reduce the potential playerbase for the test, as well as keep things inside a group that I feel more comfortable showing something, warts and all.

Once the server goes public after this test, and hand-in-hand with an invite only creator event, the server will be 100% free to play and with no game-affecting microtransactions. Your survival will depend entirely on your own skill.

Good luck in the wilds out there, Shaper.

See you soon.